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Cycletour along river Maas between Tegelen and Well, April 2014

Stephan Klünker

On 19th April 2014 I drove to Tegelen with my Brompton in the boot, parked my car at Tegelen railway station and mounted the Brompton. On the cycle I crossed the city of Tegelen down to the shore of River Maas. Following the river on it's east side I cycled north down to Koniginnenbrug near Wanssum, crossed the River to it's west side and then continued southwards. I followed River Maas now in opposite direction and on the west shore up to Blerick, crossed the river again into Venlo and headed back to Tegelen where I had started the tour.
The route covered a distance of some 65 kms in roundabout 4 hours (5 hours with some breaks included).
The weather was sunny but with a fresh and a bit gusty wind from north-north-east, which slowed down the tempo on the first half of the ride, but speeded up the ride on the second half. As usual in the Netherlands there were no significant hills to climb. All in all a nice tour in a picturesque environment on very comfortable cycle paths which the Netherlands are famous for.

./image_large_001.jpg ./image_large_002.jpg
River Maas at Venlo heading north, the riverside gets more rural

./image_large_003.jpg ./image_large_004.jpg
Ferry point north of Venlo Town of Arcen

./image_large_005.jpg ./image_large_006.jpg
River Maas at Arcen Springtime ...

./image_large_007.jpg ./image_large_008.jpg
Photo stop near Wellerlooi The Fietspad following the river

./image_large_009.jpg ./image_large_010.jpg
Buffalo watching the passing vessel ... approaching Koniginnenbrug ...

./image_large_011.jpg ./image_large_012.jpg
View back south to the cycleway ... ... on climbing the bridge ...

./image_large_013.jpg ./image_large_014.jpg
The Maas from top of the bridge, looking south Photo stop on the bridge

./image_large_015.jpg ./image_large_016.jpg
Countryside to the west of River Maas Ferry point near Blitterswijck

./image_large_017.jpg ./image_large_018.jpg
following river Maas southwards ... Horses near Broekhuizen

./image_large_019.jpg ./image_large_020.jpg
approaching Lottum ... the town of Lottum

./image_large_021.jpg ./image_large_022.jpg
Windmill in action comfortable and fast cycling on dutch fietspad

./image_large_023.jpg ./image_large_024.jpg
the town of Grubbenvorst under the green trees ...

./image_large_025.jpg ./image_large_026.jpg
approaching Blerick ... Herbie is here!

./image_large_027.jpg ./image_large_028.jpg
River Maas at Blerick another piece of green environment before entereing the city

./image_large_029.jpg ./image_large_030.jpg
crossing the Maas on Zuiderbrug ... ... into Venlo

./image_large_031.jpg ./image_large_032.jpg
checking the computer ... ... back at Tegelen station

© Stephan Klünker, 19th April 2014